Friday, January 23, 2009

1st SEM Exam!!!!!

oh S**T!!! gelabah gila..
d time that i didn want came finally.. the final test of my Private Pilot License stage.. though it was only 3 weeks since I came here, the exam was inevitable..
studied day and night in my room with all the thick, laminated books reading through the night just so I won't fail the test..

N ya, the passing mark for every subject is......... 70%!!! WTF rite...

so had to study like a cow lar cause even 69% and they won't give you a pity mark.. (-.-")
the day came and went.. it wasn't that tough and all the stress went 6 feet under!!! TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

we all headed to Chenang Beach area to have a steamboat dinner.. about 20 of us were there eating and laughing about facts of life AND it was 2 of our friend's birthday the next day..
suprise suprise!!

somehow made our way to SUNBAR, D place to be in Chenang.. went at about 11pm, so the crowd was modest and the music was a little shallow.. so we just sat around and watched the tv.. time passed and at 12 sharp! the music jumped a beat!! HaPPy Bdae to Jagdish n Shafique went on and we partied all nite long... booze was flowing like water and music was singing to our ears whole night long..

somehow at 3am, we left the place all wasted. bdae boy Jag was wasted from head to toe and to accompany him was me..hehe..
it was our exam day and all the tension got loose and I felt super relaxed and enjoyed myself..

enough bout that part, to summarize it all, it was a fun 1 month period being in Langkawi.. btw, LANGKAWI NEVER RAINS!!!
we started our 2nd "sem" the next Monday that is the DCAT sem.. hope that goes well!!!


2nd Holiday FINALLY came...........

Friday, January 2, 2009

1st of only 2 Holidays...

yahoo!! the news that came was more than we would expect after being here only a week!
we'll have our first holiday, the first of only 2 holidays(hopefully more to come).. the clerk in charge of that day told us we could have a break on New Year day till the 4th..

everyone scrambled to get their flight tickets booked and confirmed.. sadly, Ipoh still doesn't have an operational airport for people like me to use in time of urgency... haihz!!! கடவுளே!!!!!!! so i decided to just return the old fashioned way, by bus... was "told" it only takes most to most 5 hours all together from langkawi to ipoh.... hmmmm!

the day finally came.. it was the day of our 2nd progress test.. finished around 1630 hours and quickly called cab to take us to the jetty. 5 of us shared the cab.. reached Kuah town at about 5.40 and did a quicky shoppin of choco n *ahemz* for some ppl... :-)

ferry left at 6.15 sharp and 3 of us travelled to kuala perlis, in Perlis. was ammused by this small cute girl he whole journey... reached at 7.15pm sharp! quickly went to the bus station n scavenged for tickets back to home.. was dissapointed by many counters but finally got 1.. the only bus back, at 9.15pm!!!!!!! அசொசோ!! என்ன செய்யேறேடே!!

went around in search of food, found a run down place but juz took our seat due to exhaustion and hunger.. ate n ate n talked n talked n wacked n wacked, the mosquiotoes tat is... 9pm came n we made our way back to the bus station, takin note the weight of a bag, a backpack n my laptop bag.. phew!! wat a relieve when we reached..

journey started to my heaven far far away.. hahaha
.. the freakin driver stopped at every town possible on route to fill the bus.. if only he could juz vrruuum to Ipoh, but he didn... zZzZZZ...டுங்கி டென்

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! 1st thing i heard when my phone rang.. mum, dad n granma was screamin ova the phone.. umm.. ahh haa... ya ya, the only answer i could reply... my 1st eva new year in a bus somewhere in Kedah sleepin like a pig!!! 'what' a new year celebration huh!!! தலே வலிகிடே!!

reached finally in Ipoh about 2.30AM!! mum n dad was waitin right beside the bus for me.. felt like burstin into tears upon seein my muM!! hahaha.. made our way back to house while annoyin them wit all sorts of stories n craps.. வாயி முதே டா!!

enjoyed n enjoyed till d day came for me to say goodbye again.. haihz!! sad sad.. bus was at 9am n did all sorts of shoppin the previous days.. shirts, black pants, toilettries, washin materials and much much more to bring back to the land of nowhere!!!

wrote this about a day before leavin.. i'll continue wheneva i'm free in Langkawi...
harigato, நன்றி, सासत्रिअकल, to che, terima kasih and Thank u for readin, next edition will be out very soon(hopefully).. adiyoz!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


-started d day wit PT at 6.30am and continued to bfast at 7am. had parade at 8.00 and continued induction with CI, Capt.Palta, and CGI, Capt. Rana. had a break n went toliteries shoppin n bought some pails n water.
-had lunch and went to kampung town to get photos taken. came back n straight went for a lecture by SWO. gave us the books n equipments for the upcoming Ground Lessons. will take my bathe soon, have dinner n have some singing lessons later!!
-wat a day!! feelin super emo coz missing family members!! every call tat comes from mum or granma or dad sets me into this super emo mood. feel like juz chuckin away this life n runnin back to ipoh n live d life there!! haihz!!! BUT!! have to move on n go on!! i chose this path n I WILL continue n finish my course!! I WILL!!!!!!!!

-woke up again at 6 n went for PT at 6 30. today's PT was worse than yesterday, conducted by d same guy who helped me alot throughout d selection process. had bfast at 7.30 and parade at 8. had our first ground class at 9.15 and was introduced to our syllabus. sakit kepala looking at d things we're gona study!! haihz haihz!! life must go on rite.. class went all d way till 12.30, had lunch and continued class at 1.45pm. classes ended at 5pm.
-we left to d beach nearby with the seniors to play Ultimate Frisbee. had soooo much fun till about 7pm!! came back n had dinner in the mamak opposite our school. chit chat with frens till about 8.15pm den came back, took bathe n read some notes for tommoro's class.
-slept exactly at 11pm due to exchaustion. i wonder what is to expect tomoro!! ;)
-p.s. days are getting more enjoyable nowadays! hope it'll stay tat way..

22 DEC 2008
-food started to deteriorate drastically!!! food use to be good till d chef left on a vacation. den all hell turned loose. food changed from about 4 n a half star to about less than halh a star!! cis!! so v had to eat d "local" style cooking, if u know wat i mean. telan ni lar coz too hungry..
-otherwise, v had a jolly time on the 20th of Dec, it was a saturday so v rented a car n went 4 a ride around langkawi.. went to temurun waterfall n kuah town.. had a nice time hanging out half a day..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1st Day of My Life All Alone...

-left Ipoh at 5.00 sharp in the morning for KLIA. was very sad to leave me comfortable bed n always-present maid at home. said bye to "everything" n left realising it will take some time befora i can reunite with them.
-reached klia at 7.30am. nervousness plus sadness intensified. had bfast n went to change into my uniform. wah! bangga when everyone atound u stares n mumble behind your back, hoping it to be something good. later met with all 16 from my Batch 24 n chit chat with them. took photos like some superstar amidst all d flashing cameras.
-the time of the day finally came. had to emotionally say byebye to granma dad mum uncle bros n sister. felt like crying but resisted but it sounded so obvious in my voice. my first away from home llife and i was nervous about it. got into seat 25C in a boeing 737. sat beside victor ho from penang and jagdish singh from shah alam.
-reached here about 3.30. took picts like a pilot beside the plan we flew in. later was brought to HM Aerospace and continued to check in n got into a room with a good guy, Muhunthan. Went thru some briefing by Mr Rashid, SWO. went for dinner n later orientation by some seniors from batch 15 up to 22.
-1st impression of the place, OMG!!!. had to really get use to using a room tat is WAY different from home n sharing a common toilet. was very sad leavin family behind n frens too.
-slept at 11.30pm